sunrisedawn (sunrisedawn) wrote,

Dye Day June 29

Taylor & I had a dye day that produced some lovely results!  We soaked 10 skeins of sportweight and 12 skeins of fingering weight along with 1 lb. of falkland fiber.  We ended up cutting the yarn short because the day was getting long.

Here's a few shots of the yarn
.  It's funny how when we started dyeing yarn we handpainted every skein, but now we are trying new things with low immersion and overdyes.  LOVE the results this time!

full skeins

full skein pink

The fiber was quite the experiment this time. We did 2 sections by handpainting with syringes and steaming in saran wrap, but ended up with a disaster on the 2nd one (the saran wrap didn't hold and all the dye/liquid poured out before we even got it onto the heat).

Falkland #1 turned out pretty cool...I especially love the orange bits.

Falkland #2 was the saran wrap fail.

The rest of these we decided to try dyeing them in jars...and they turned out SOOPER FLUFFY!




All in All a very successful day in the garage!
Tags: dyeing yarn fiber
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