Dye Day June 29

Taylor & I had a dye day that produced some lovely results!  We soaked 10 skeins of sportweight and 12 skeins of fingering weight along with 1 lb. of falkland fiber.  We ended up cutting the yarn short because the day was getting long.

Here's a few shots of the yarn
.  It's funny how when we started dyeing yarn we handpainted every skein, but now we are trying new things with low immersion and overdyes.  LOVE the results this time!

full skeins

full skein pink

The fiber was quite the experiment this time. We did 2 sections by handpainting with syringes and steaming in saran wrap, but ended up with a disaster on the 2nd one (the saran wrap didn't hold and all the dye/liquid poured out before we even got it onto the heat).

Falkland #1 turned out pretty cool...I especially love the orange bits.

Falkland #2 was the saran wrap fail.

The rest of these we decided to try dyeing them in jars...and they turned out SOOPER FLUFFY!




All in All a very successful day in the garage!

Freak Show Cowl

It's been so LONG since I posted!  I think I'll share my latest handspun project.  I've been hoarding some of my fine fibers, but after this I can say that I've gained some confidence in my spinning! This project starts with my Two If By Hand club shipment - Freak Show - from May 2011 secret circus club.  It's Merino/Cashmere/Nylon and it's super soft.  It was destined to be something for my neck.


Once I unbraided it, it had long sections of color and I knew I wanted to keep those long sections, so I spun it so that I could navajo (chain) ply it.


I copied an idea that I'd seen on Ravelry - someone had used handspun for a broken rib cowl.  I found a pattern that resembled what I wanted, cast on and just kept knitting until I was almost out of yarn!  I've already worn it...and my neck is in love!


my very own Thorpe!

It's finished.  My fifth handspun Thorpe hat - and this one is my very own.

I spun th yarn from superwash merino fiber from Dani at Sunshine Yarns (Hunted colorway).  It was one of the first braids of roving that I bought when I started spinning in July 2010 and I still love the colorway!  I may end up wearing it today too, we've got a chance of snow!


a handspun Thorpe parade

I've made FIVE handspun Thorpe hats in the past few months.  The pattern is a quick knit and so much fun with bulky handspun and FREE from knitty.com!

Doug's - spun from superwash BFL - Northbound Knitting - Floating (club colorway)

Dori's - spun from superwash merino - Sunshine Yarns - Winter Dream

Evan's - spun from superwash merino - Sunshine Yarns - Northland

Raya's - spun from superwash merino/cashmere/nylon - Two If By Hand - Reef Snorkeling (club colorway)

and finally MINE! This is still a progress photo...but it's almost finished now!

10 Things You Always Have In Your Car

It’s been so long since I participated in the Ten on Tuesday (yeah yeah I know it’s Thursday), but I think I can tackle this one!  10 Things You Always Have In Your Car.

  1. My registration, owner’s manual, proof of insurance (usually more than 1 of those which is weird since I normally clean it all out when I update it…it’s like they grow in there like mushrooms). I refer to that owner’s manual rarely, but I had to recently to reset the oil change reminder because the shop forgot.
  2. Reusable grocery bags. I have 5 or 6 but since we use them for many things, there are usually only 3 in the Pilot.  I’ve even started using them at Target and not just the grocery store.
  3. An air pressure tire gauge thingy.
  4. Music CD case.  I can’t go anywhere without music.  I actually just pulled all 6 CDs out of my player since some of them have been in there for a couple years.  I’m anticipating some new CDs that I just ordered…they’ll be here today!  And Yes.  I still buy CDs.
  5. Sunglasses.  I have a fetish.  But since I wear prescription glasses, they don’t get worn much.
  6. Several Pens.  With the name of my bank stamped on them.
  7. Windshield scraper. The Pilot is in the parking garage when I’m at work, but you can’t leave home without one when you live in North Dakota!
  8. My parking garage keycard.
  9. Blankets.  One is a lightweight fleece kind.  They are good to have for winter weather survival kit, but I also use them to mask packages in the back of the Pilot when I’ve got more than 1 stop.
  10. An extra jacket.  Once again.  North Dakota.

I should also have an air compressor that runs on a car battery in there.  I got one for Christmas last year, but it's still sitting in the garage.


a long awaited blocked photo...a month after I finished it!


it's a great size - wingspan 68” and a 17” spine - makes it a nice squishy scarf on jeans day!

Mile Long To-Do List

The weather turned nasty for a few days this week and it put me in a funk.  I wanted to go straight to bed when I got home from work and that did nothing for my to-do list.  Today the weather has straightened out, and even though I should go out and get some MOAR yardwork done, I’m dragging my feet about it.  There’s raking up the wazoo and I’ve done so much raking this month that I feel like my arms will fall off if I even hold the rake.

Instead of yardwork when I got up, I’ve tackled one thing on my knitting/spinning to-do list instead!  My handspun Meira has been waiting for the blocking wires since June 30! 

The handspun yarn itself was a potion of 3 different Sunshine Yarns colorways.  Wanderlust, Charlie and Bee Pollen. 
I have a ton of the Wanderlust (pinkish) single left and I've been working on my n-ply lately so I think that's what I'll do with the leftovers.

The dehumidifier is running so hopefully I'll have fresh new blocked photos to share!  I'd prefer to continue tackling that long blocking/spinning/knitting list, but nature calls :(

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Ten on Tuesday

It’s been quite some time since I participated in Carole’s Ten on Tuesday, but the 10 Favorite Mystery Books topic intrigued me!  I’m more of a series reader, so this might end up being more of a series list! 

  1. The Rainmaker.  John Grisham is my oldest favorite and I have at least 10 of his titles in hard cover.  I haven’t read them in a long long time, so maybe it’s time I pull them off the shelf!
  2. Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson.  I listen to these on audiobook and I love listening to Carolyn McCormick read them to me.  I just finished 6th Target and plunged into 7th Heaven and got a little disctracted.  Usually I can't stop once I start!
  3. Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  I’ve fallen behind in reading the books, though I’ve been following HBO True Blood.  Now I’m curious whether the books get as weird…I’ll have to pick them back up again…just in time for the last book coming in 2013.
  4. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.  Fabulously easy to read and keep me interested, though the love triangle got a little stale for me around book 9 or 10…so I’ve been reading other series before picking this one back up again.
  5. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series is listed as a “detective fiction” and also “fantasy fiction” but I think it qualifies.  I’ve read the first 2 in this series and I like them when I’m looking for something different.
  6. Anita Black Vampire Hunter series by Laurell Hamilton is another “detective fiction” and I’ve read several of these too…I borrow them from the library so I’m not very good about keeping up with them.
  7. Shakespeare's Landlord (Lily Bard series) by Charlaine Harris.  With the popularity of the other series, I wanted to test out this completely un-vampire series and really enjoyed it.  I listened to the audiobook version downloaded through my library and somehow this one got lost in the shuffle.  I loved this book, the plot & the characters so hopefully I can find the rest of the series through my local library too!
  8. The "Dragon Tattoo" series is sitting here waiting for a year already for me to start reading…but I’ve seen the Daniel Craig movie and it was a little disturbing…

…and through this exercise, I’ve realized that I’ve been reading a lot more Fantasy Fiction than Mystery!  I’ve been buried in the Game of Thrones series and sometimes doing a sodoku puzzle before bed instead of reading…

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Quickie Gap-Tastic Cowl


This project jumped to the top of my queue because I needed a quick fix. Some of my projects have been so similar lately, so it was time for something different. And...it's already been claimed by the college student!

I can't really pull off this color anyway - it's very brightly marigold. Just perfect to add some sunshine into a day! The yarn was bought in a destash (from a Rav friend Karen) and then it sat in my stash for about 1 1/2 years. It's a great yarn and I'm a little sad that it's been discontinued. It was fun to knit with super bulky yarn and it was done in less than a week! I used up every last bit of the 3 skeins, so 270 yards out of the stash!
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I think this roving was my first club ever.  Two If By Hand had 2 Spring 2011 spin along braids and I got swept up in the whole thing.  I've been a club member ever since!  I didn't finish it with everyone in the group, but I did finish by June.  It was sitting in the handspun stash spot marinating until it met it's combo match, Lisa's Zilver design.


I love the photos that we took on Sunday. The weather is no longer as nice, but I'm really happy with my new shawl.

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